Planting Love Retreat

MARCH 16-19, 2019

Join me for a weekend of nourishment, healing, and connection.


nourishing plant-based food

Eat in harmony with your body and with the world around you. Taste the deliciousness in simple, whole plant foods. Learn how to eat mindfully and intuitively. Celebrate food and the nourishment that it provides.

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Heal from the inside out with self-love

In a safe space, journey inward to explore who you are and what it means to be you. Challenge the stories that hold you back, and break out of the box in which you have been living. Develop unconditional love for yourself, and learn how to use this love to serve the world beyond you.


Disconnect to reconnect

Disconnect from the distractions, the media messaging, the negative self-talk. Let go of what you think others want from you. Reconnect with yourself, with your truth, with your body, with your food, with mother nature, with your purpose, and with the vast interconnectedness of all life.


You are enough.

You have always been enough.

You are already everything you want to be.

You are simply disconnected.  You have lost your way.

It's time to reconnect. 

It's time to find the harmony you seek.

It's time to come home to yourself.


Your retreat experience will include:

  • Guided morning meditation

  • Yoga

  • Heart-opening group sessions

  • Lessons in self-love, nutrition, and mindfulness

  • Hikes through the gorgeous Topanga Canyon area

  • Home-cooked plant-based meals made from local, organic food

  • Evening journal sessions for reflection and intention-setting

  • Ceremony and community

  • Soul-level connections with others dedicated to healing, self-knowledge, inner-peace, and compassionate living



You will be staying at the secluded "Tara Sanctuary" (yes, that is the actual name... magic is real, my friends) Retreat in Topanga, California, amid lush acres of mountains and trees. 

Each room contains two queen-sized mattresses. You can sign up with a friend to share a room, or you will be randomly assigned a roommate.

For those looking for a more affordable option, you can sign up to share a bed with someone.


Cost per person: $1500

To share a bed: $950 per person



Please email if you have any questions.