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If you'd like guidance in eating a plant-based diet or feelin' out the feels (that is, working on your relationship with food, learning how to develop and practice self-love, building sustainable ways to manage and reduce stress and anxiety, or anything else relating to the life lived within the heart and brain spaces...), I'm your lady.

Send me a message, and let's have a conversation to see if it feels like a good match.

I'm looking forward to meeting you <3 

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Best Number to Reach You
Best Number to Reach You
Photo by Autumn Kurtz

Photo by Autumn Kurtz

In my time working with Tara, I truly learned what it was like to be mindful. That term is thrown around so often these days, but she taught me its true definition. While going through a very difficult and overwhelming time in my life, I knew during my time with Tara, I could feel safe and accepted. We explored deep into my thoughts and reasoning behind decisions and just day-to-day actions. It was a scary process in the beginning, but I felt no judgement and as a result, felt more confident and free. I recommend to anyone looking to be in touch with their mind and emotions or even just want someone to talk to, to work with Tara. I am forever grateful for the tools, help, love, and support she provided me. It was an honor working with her.
— Rachel M.
Tara worked with me over several months as I entered into the world of self care and self love. Even though Tara and I had quite an age spread (I am old enough to be her mother), her wisdom in reference to self love and care is as deep as it is wide. Her questions helped me examine my habits and predispositions, and I was able to open up and talk to her which began the healing. Thank you Tara, for being wonderful you!
— Pam C.
Tara gave me the compassion, love, and acceptance that I lacked in myself. I’d reached out to her for coaching because her words resonated so deeply within me. I thought I was alone, that no one was experiencing what I was/am going through, and then to hear virtually everything I was thinking and feeling via someone else was the most validating experience I could have asked for. Thank you, Tara, for your immense wisdom and unwavering acceptance during our time working together. Had I continued our work, I truly think you would have changed my life.

I believe in Tara so much that I’m hoping I’ll be able to make her Retreat happening in March! The journey towards self-love and healing never stops.
— Jenn G.
Working with Tara, even for just a brief period of time, drastically improved my relationship with food and my overall mindset. She helped me see things that I looked at negatively in a different light and find positivity and appreciation. I am so grateful for our coaching calls and the progress that she helped me make. I still have a ways to go but now I feel like I know the route to take to get there, and that’s half the battle.
— Ashley P.