Hi, i'm tara.

I’m a health and lifestyle coach, mental health advocate, self-love expert, writer, researcher, and speaker.

I’m all about helping you to find a healthy relationship with yourself. I’m here to support you in doing the inner work: exploring who you are and building self-awareness, self-acceptance, and self-compassion.

I believe in the beauty of our wholeness. This means that I guide you to embrace your dark parts just as much as your light. I help you to release the stories that keep you small so that you can step into your full power.

Intertwined into all of this is your relationship with your body and with food. As a society, we are largely disconnected from both. But both are incredibly important components in the venn diagram of your overall health and wellness.

I’ve worked in the fields of nutrition and lifestyle medicine for 7 years. But while I still care deeply about nutrition, over the past few years I’ve shifted my focus to mental and emotional health. 

I discovered that the problem usually isn’t a lack of education around how to eat or live healthfully. There is certainly a lot of confusion and conflicting opinions about “what to eat,” but ultimately, the science clearly shows that eating more plant foods and less refined/processed foods is associated with better health. It’s also well-known that moving your body, keeping stress levels low, and keeping a consistent sleep routine are also important.

Most people know what they want to do for themselves, the struggle is just in actually doing it. The complexity and challenges that hold you back from executing what you know is best for you come from the psychological and emotional world in which you live inside your mind. 

In order to be sustainable, lifestyle change must be founded in self-love. When you heal your relationship with yourself, you lay the foundation for true inner peace.

I am here to witness your journey. To hold space for you as you move through it. To inspire you to ask the tough questions. To be a guiding light helping you to trust that the work is worth the outcome, even when you can’t see it up ahead. To help you look at yourself with acceptance and unconditional love. 

It’s time to come home to yourself. xo